Blue Sky offers world leading managed print services software for education and corporate users that want follow-me-print and secure release with total accountability. 

In addition to Uniflow, Papercut and Equitrac software packages are the supported platforms across a wide range of manufacturers and are the preferred platform for Sharp MPS (Managed Print Solutions) installations. 

Managed Print Services:

  • reduce costs 
  • improve productivity
  • support the environment
  • enhance security

Equitrac Express

Convenient and secure Cost Management Solution

  • Specifically designed to help educational institutions regain control of campus-wide printing and copying
  • Simplify tracking and management of prints, copies and scans
  • Use print reports to set and enforce student print quotas
  • Allocate printing costs to a specific department/grant
  • Provide convenient campus card, cash- or account-based payment
  • Discourage waste and abuse, while enforcing rules for output
  • Send files to remote output device for secure pickup


Download Equitrac Express brochure

Papercut MF

  • Central Administration
  • Real-time Reporting
  • Secure Print Release
  • User authentication using various methods
  • Username/Password, Card swipe, Employee ID and/or PIN
  • Ability to select shared accounts
  • Tracking & recording of all usage on the central PaperCut MF server
  • Group based access control


Download PaperCutMF brochure