How can PaperCut benefit your organisation?

As a preffered platform for Sharp MPS, PaperCut make print management a quick and easy process. From simple tracking and monitoring of print jobs, to integrating BYOD printing or advanced custom job management, PaperCut can be up and running in minutes.

  • Central Administration

  • Real-time Reporting

  • Secure Print Release

  • User authentication using various methods

  • Username/Password, Card swipe, Employee ID and/or PIN

  • Ability to select shared accounts

  • Tracking & recording of all usage on the central PaperCut MF server

  • Group based access control


How can Equitrac Express benefit your organisation?

Many organisations such as universities, schools and libraries are under pressure to provide ready access to information and printing to both registered staff and anonymous users. At the same time, there is a strong need to allocate and recover output costs.

Equitrac Express™ provides the exact tools you need to efficiently monitor, manage and recover document output costs. It creates a secure environment within which only the allocated users can release their documents, using flexible payment methods.

  • Specifically designed to help educational institutions regain control of campus-wide printing and copying

  • Simplify tracking and management of prints, copies and scans

  • Use print reports to set and enforce student print quotas

  • Allocate printing costs to a specific department/grant

  • Provide convenient campus card, cash- or account-based payment

  • Discourage waste and abuse, while enforcing rules for output

  • Send files to remote output device for secure pickup


How can uniFLOW benefit your organisation?

uniFLOW, Canon’s integrated print and scan management solution, now incorporates mobile printing capabilities, allowing customers to provide a facility for mobile workers and guests to print from their mobile devices. This can be achieved in a manner that is secure and where related costs are managed effectively.

  • Incorporate cost control of your printing, copying and scanning with visibility

  • Allows users to print securely from any printing device in the network

  • Provide an added layer of document content security at the printer

  • Support for mobile workers and occasional visitors

  • Peace of mind that your printing environment can evolve as technology evolves