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Enstar Group Ltd. was founded in Bermuda in 1993. By 2013, Enstar had become the industry’s largest, stand-alone run-off consolidator and then diversified into live risk by investing in leading specialty insurance companies in global markets, including Lloyd’s.

In 2016, they took part in the launch of a diversified reinsurer, to complement the portfolio. Regulatory change around the world is driving risk businesses to refocus, which creates attractive opportunities. In this environment, Enstar has the vision and appetite to grow further.

With more than 1,300 employees in 27 offices, Enstar leverages its expertise in claims management, risk analysis, and investment to generate value. Enstar also provides management, consulting, and other services to the global insurance industry. These services make Enstar different, something unique.

The Problem and Requirements

As a fast growing and expanding company, Enstar acquired legacy agreements and legacy relationships. The arrangement of agreements was so widespread, with such varied terms that this was an issue for procurement.

The Solution

Blue Sky took these agreements, after agreeing an NDA, and picked them apart. We recommended a solid roll-out plan to bring the best value for money to the company. This system was managed by the Uniflow Managed Print software though a central server cluster, serving the global locations within which Enstar operate.

As part of the solution, we put in place the following:

• The company have one point of contact for us to liaise with
• Continual consultation with experts to formulate the best roll-out plan
• One model bringing one touchpoint for all staff
• Collection and return of legacy equipment with accompanying manifests saving time and headaches for the customer

Solution Components in Summary

MPS Software: Uniflow
HP hardware: Canon 55** series
Device Management: Uniflow


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