The versatile large-format MFP designed for practicality and usability

The iPF8400SE MFP Solution is a total workflow system. Use it to scan, copy, archive or distribute large-format documents quickly, easily, accurately and in remarkable detail.

  • 6-colour LUCIA EX pigment ink
  • Scan-to-copy/file/email/cloud and print 
  • SingleSensor (CIS) 
  • Bi-directional LED light system 
  • Scan up to 13 inches per second 
  • 1200dpi optical resolution 
  • 22" LCD touch screen interface 
  • Scan to PDF, JPEG and TIFF 
  • Next generation SmartWorks MFP software 
  • Optional SmartWorks MFP Plus software

Long-lasting results from LUCIA EX pigment ink
The iPF8400SE MFP’s 6-colour LUCIA EX pigment ink works brilliantly on a wide range of paper types, giving you more durable and cost-effective results for mid to long-term display.

Easy to use
From scanning documents to final output, the iPF8400SE MFP is designed to simplify your workflows. The intuitive 22-inch touch screen interface includes a dynamic preview that guides users through every function and process in simple steps. Scanning, copying and printing technical documents has never been easier.

Designed for practicality
The iPF8400SE MFP is the natural solution for all sizes of workgroup. It is ideal in environments like CAD drawing offices, architecture and engineering firms, or for geographic and mapping projects. Whatever the task, this versatile scan-and-print solution is designed to meet the speed and precision requirements of all types of users. Its ease-of-operation makes it equally well suited to all-purpose office projects.

Super-efficient scanning and file handling
Because speed is critical when deadlines are tight, the iPF8400SE MFP scans at up to 13 inches per second. The SingleSensor (CIS) scanning technology delivers superb line definition and accuracy, and scans documents up to 42" wide (40" image width). Your flexibility is enhanced even further by the ability to scan and save to PDF, JPEG and TIFF file formats – and then easily share files via cloud services.

Economical and efficient
A built-in accounting function allows accurate tracking of your cost-per-print and enables you to view this data through the printer driver. A low-ink Economy Mode can be selected that is ideal for printing draft documents.

Exceptional quality and accuracy
The SingleSensor (CIS) with bi-directional LED light system produces superb-quality scans. Colours are accurate and consistent, while details in shadows and highlights are better controlled. Print results are just as impressive, thanks to the Canon 6-colour LUCIA-EX pigment ink system that produces vivid colours and exceptionally sharp lines. With a range accuracy of +/- 0.1%, precision is guaranteed. Images are rendered at 2,400x1200 dpi for maximum impact from super-fine print heads using 15,360 nozzles.

Built for demanding workflows
The iPF8400SE MFP Solution comes with a range of powerful software to help you work more productively. You can easily scan, save and distribute documents via email or cloud services using SmartWorks and Direct Print and Share. The Optimised Driver for AutoCAD and for Microsoft Office users ensures easy integration with your favourite software; while a helpful plug-in lets you print directly from Word, Excel and PowerPoint. For even more powerful functionality and enhancements, choose the optional SmartWorks MFP Plus software upgrade.